Two Kids and One Woman Dead in a Fatal Car Crash at a Brooklyn Intersection

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Car Crash at Brooklyn Intersection

Motor vehicle accidents can be dangerous and sometimes even lead to death. Many people meet death because of life-threatening motor vehicle accidents every year throughout the United States. A recent serious car crash in Brooklyn adds to the list of the deceased from motor vehicle accidents.

What Exactly Happened?

According to a report, this car crash happened at a busy Brooklyn intersection. Two children and their mothers were fatally hit by a white 2012 Volvo while crossing the street at about 12:40 PM. The Volvo ran straight over the kids. The car did not just stop there as both kids were dragged ahead 100 meters.

The Volvo responsible for the accident stopped on the side of the street with the body of a kid crushed under its back wheels only after hitting six more cars, said an unknown witness.

The female driver of the white 2012 Volvo has been taken into custody by the local police. At this point in time, the accident doesn’t look deliberate.  Mr. Stephen. P. Davis, the Chief Spokesperson of The New York Police Department told the New York Times newspaper that the matter would be investigated further.

According to James Long, the Fire Department spokesperson, both children hit by the car were declared dead at the scene. One of the two mothers injured in the accident received fatal injuries. The mother looked lifeless. The whole scene was gory, said 43-year-old Jessica Sierra.

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