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Truck Accident Cases are a subcategory of motor vehicle accident cases or car accident cases.  The difference is that at least one vehicle involved in the crash is a tractor trailer.  Other common names for these vehicles are “Semi”, “18-Wheeler”, “Mack Truck” or “Big Rig”.  Depending on the payload in the trailer, these vehicles are hauling a weight that is tens of times heavier than a passenger car.  Severe bodily injuries and death often result from these accidents because of the size differential of the colliding vehicles.

There are several considerations that apply to truck accident cases that differentiate them from typical passenger car accident cases.  It is important that you hire an attorney who has experience litigating truck accident cases to ensure the defendant has met all of its legal requirements in its ownership, maintenance and operation of the tractor trailer.


Federal and state regulations are in place for public safety purposes.  These regulations set strict standards for a variety of issues including but not limited to licensing requirements (which vary depending on type of truck, size of the truck and cargo being transported), training requirements for the driver, maintenance and inspection requirements, loading and securing of cargo requirements, limits for time spent continuously operating the vehicle and trailer attachment requirements.  Understanding these regulations is critical to prosecuting your personal injury case efficiently and effectively.

Types of Truck Accidents

Not every truck accident is the same.  There are several different types of truck accidents that occur and each of them indicate different ways that the defendants may have been negligent in causing accident.  These types of cases include but are not limited to jack-knife cases, overturned trailer cases, rollover cases, trailer detachment cases, drive under cases, spilling or falling cargo cases.  It is important to remember that truck accident cases have many of the same causes as typical car accident cases; it is just that the vehicle is so much more dangerous.  Just like cars, trucks have maintenance failures (brakes, fluids, tires, wipers and more), driver errors (distracted driving, unrested driving, speeding, unsafe lane changes, impaired driving and more), poor weather conditions (icy roads, wet roads, poor visibility and more), insufficient training (new driver, unfamiliar roadways and more) and poor or hazardous roadway conditions (objects in the roadway, broken or unleveled roadway, foreign substance on roadway, poor lighting conditions and more).

As in all types of personal injury cases, truck accident injuries can range from minor to significant, although in these accidents there is a tendency for injuries to be catastrophic or even fatal.  Victims are often left unable to work.  They are in extraordinary pain.  This leaves the victim and their families in a position where their entire lives are changed.

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