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Business Purchase And Sales Agreement: Why Is It Important?

Simply put, you can’t buy or sell a business without a contract. A sales agreement for buying a business is necessary for keeping both the parties on the same page and avoiding any legal trouble. On the other hand, not having one can land you in legal troubles that can harm you in the long […]

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Asset Purchase Agreements: Errors You Cannot Afford To Commit

Commercial transactions often involve an asset purchase agreement (“APA”) that is vital to business activity. But there can be a few conditions that make things go wrong. Drafting of a simple asset purchase agreement is essential for the successful execution of the deal. Below are the errors to avoid or else they can cost you […]

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Important Details to Include in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement

Our previous post detailed the importance of the contract in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement. Wise attorneys advise business owners to create a contract outlining all the details of the agreement. The purpose of creating a contract is to make sure both the buyer and seller protect their respective rights. But today’s post is to […]

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The Role of the Contract in Simple Asset Transfer Agreement

Buying and selling a business requires the handling of several legalities. Simple Asset Transfer Agreement signing is one of those key legalities. Both buyer and seller sign this agreement for the following purposes: Transaction completion For transferring the ownership of an organization’s business operations into the buyer’s name. To help sellers transfer the ownership of […]

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