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Hire a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Brooklyn?

On February 6, 2020, in Slip Fall Accident, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.
Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall accident can come unexpectedly. It may happen due to a wet floor or a sudden fall in poor lighting. Broken sidewalks or inappropriate railings on staircases can also be some of the major reasons behind a slip and fall accident.

Understandably, slip and fall accidents often result in injuries. The injury may be minor or serious. In any case, you may be entitled to compensation if you are affected physically and/or financially. After suffering injuries in a slip and fall accident, you will likely incur expenses for medical care. Not only must you spend money on medical treatment, but your job may be impacted as well.

The question is, how do you get back on track?

Specifically seeking expert legal counsel from a slip and fall accident lawyer in Brooklyn, will allow to get the compensation you deserve. This improves your financial situation and lets you focus on getting your life back to normal.

If you suffer injuries while on someone else’s property, you may have a claim for a lawsuit. Damaged buildings and structures should be maintained and repaired responsibly under the applicable codes.

Hiring a slip and fall accident lawyer in Queens is your best decision immediately after a slip and fall accident occurs. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, call the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC at 516-858-2620 to get legal assistance.

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The construction industry in New York is booming. But the rate of construction site accidents in New York is also rapidly increasing. Many of victims file lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve. However, according to experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx, they struggle to get it because of a lack of knowledge about labor law derails their claim.

What to do then?

The best thing you can do is hire an experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx. It is because their wealth of experience will help you investigate and commence your action properly. Your chances of getting the compensation you believe you deserve, will multiply. 

However, you should still have some basic understanding of Labor Law. The three sections of Labor Law that every construction worker like you must know about are Section 240 and Section 241 and Section 200.

What is section 240?

Section 240, also known as the Scaffolding law, is designed to protect construction workers from falls and injuries they may suffer from any kind of falling objects or elevation related hazards.

What is Section 241?

Well, this is somewhat similar to section 240. This section actually outlines all specific rules and regulations to be followed in making a construction site safe for every worker. The main aim of this section is to prevent personal or workplace injuries construction workers can suffer due to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, chemical hazards, air contamination, etc. In order to successfully prevail under Section 241, a plaintiff must successfully plead a violation of an applicable and specific industrial code.

What is Section 200?

Section 200 is a codification of common law negligence on construction sites.  To be successful, a plaintiff must show that the defendant controlled the method of the activity that caused the injury.

These are the very basic things that every construction worker must have knowledge about. But, basic knowledge in this regard does not make you competent enough to represent yourself in litigation. It is because Labor Law is a deep subject that requires education and experience. Therefore, hiring an experienced construction accident attorney is the best move you can make.

If you or someone else has suffered personal or workplace injuries due to a construction accident, the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a reputed group of experienced Construction accident attorneys in Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, New York, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Manhattan could be the right hand you need.

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Slip and fall accidents can be dangerous and affect the lives of victims and their families, in many ways. One such mishap claimed a life in Walmart’s Jonesville store.

More Details:

The man who died is James R. Secord. He experienced a slip and fall accident in Walmart’s Jonesville-based store on May 27th, 2018. The accident occurred while James was exiting his vehicle in Walmart’s automotive service department at 701 Olds Street.

How did this accident happen?

James R. Secord, 67 from North Adams, stepped out of his car after parking in the Automotive Service Department. There was a concrete defect that was the reason for his slip and fall accident. This fall caused multiple injuries to Secord. The list of injuries includes a broken wrist, fractured ribs, blood clots and even problems like contusions and abrasions.

James succumbed to fatal injuries he suffered in this slip and fall accident on June 1st, 2018 and has left behind Pamala Secord, 48, his wife.

What Else?

Pamala Secord filed a lawsuit against Walmart on August 17th, 2018 stating everything mentioned above. Since Walmart is a nationwide firm, the lawsuit was moved to federal court on October 17th, 2018. Mrs. Secord has filed this lawsuit, seeking compensation for her husband’s death due to the slip and fall accident at Walmart’s Jonesville store.

Any other reason for filing a lawsuit?

There seems to be one more reason Mrs. Secord has filed this lawsuit against Walmart. Apparently, the company has failed to maintain the property and is still showing negligence in repairing the damaged concrete that led to the slip and fall death of James R. Secord, says the lawsuit filed by Mrs. Secord.

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Get the Fair Compensation for Your Slip and Fall Injury

On January 9, 2018, in Personal Injury, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.

A slip and fall injury is common, resulting in serious, life-altering injuries that may end up in wrongful death. Wet floors, construction site’s negligence and unlit stairwells can have catastrophic results. Contact slip and fall accident lawyers to determine why you are payable for the property owner’s carelessness.

Slip and fall injury lawyers can provide you complete knowledge of the law. There are several essentialities to consider while investigating your case against anybody, including property owner’s inattention, previous complaints about an existing hazard, etc. Slip and fall accidents can be due to several reasons, including:

  • Slippery surface falls
  • Stairway accidents
  • Fall from a terrace or balcony
  • Parking ramp falls
  • Sidewalk falls
  • Bathtub and shower falls
  • Poor quality walkaways
  • Torn carpets or floor mats
  • Poorly installed carpets and floor mats
  • Improperly repaired floors or stairs
  • Inadequate handrail
  • Blockage in aisles
  • Collection of moisture on normal or wood floors
  • Visual Illusions

If you or your loved one has suffered from a slip and fall injury, get in touch with a slip and fall law firm to get the right aid.

A property owner is liable to keep their property in the safe condition. If there is any negligence, resulting in slip and fall injury, he is responsible for the compensation. Hire slip and fall accident attorney in Long Island for the assistance. You can consult an attorney to get aid for some of the following accidents:

Fall on Ice and Snow

Property owners have to ensure that their property, including parking lots and sidewalks, are maintained. All snow and ice should be removed to avoid possible mishap. They are offered “reasonable” time to remove snow and ice. However, a property owner is not liable if you fall on a snowy sidewalk in the middle of a snowstorm.

Also, if conditions on the property cause an unnatural ice or snow buildup like ice accumulation on the roof, then melting and dripping off due to a clogged drain, and refreezing on the ground, the property owner may be liable for your slip and fall accident.

Under all such conditions, a slip and fall accident attorney in Bronx can help you. He will analyze everything, such as did the property owner use his common sense, has any accident happened there before, did poor or broken lighting contribute to the accident, could a barrier have been created to warn people of a potential danger, etc.

If the property owner is careful in maintaining his property, he will certainly provide reasonable reasons to attorney. But, if the answer to one or more of these questions are in your favor, you may have a claim for compensation.

Slip and fall accident lawyer in Bronx will also consider whether your actions contributed to your accident or not. It is suggested to collect all the evidences during a slip and fall accidents. Make sure you gather the following proofs:

  • Photos – Take photographs of the accident’s space. Click pictures of your clothing, shoes, bruises, cuts, or scrapes to document your injury.
  • Witnesses – Try to get the name, address and telephone number of the witnesses of your fall.
  • Evidence – A slip and fall accident lawyer in Long Island recommends you save the item that causes your fall. Like if you slipped on a piece of fruit or a vegetable, keep in a plastic bag and freeze it.

However, if you are unable to capture photographs or gather evidences, a slip and fall accident attorney in Nassau County will obtain maximum information.

Stairways accident

If an accident occurred due to defective or broken stairs, a slip and fall accident lawyer Nassau County can aid you. Property owners should ensure all stairs have the same rise and depth, with visible edges. It should also be free of debris or other obstacles that may cause an accident. He should also install sturdy handrails on both sides of steps for safety reasons.

Slip and fall accident lawyer in Brooklyn can held a property owner legally liable for your injuries, if one of the following must be true:

  • The owner of the premises must have caused a spill or other dangerous condition.
  • He “should have known” a dangerous condition was present.
  • He must have known of the dangerous condition and failed to correct it properly.

So, if you have injured due to a fall and slip accident, call us today! We serve in the all five boroughs of NYC (Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Manhattan) and all towns in Long Island including Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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