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Independent Foreclosure Review Check

Independent Foreclosure Review Many people have called our office because they are/were in foreclosure and  recently received an Independent Foreclosure Review check.  Most of them ask the following questions: Why am I receiving this Independent Foreclosure Review Check? An agreement, providing for Independent Foreclosure Review, was reached by the Office of the Comptroller of the […]

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Mortgage Servicing Settlement

Mortgage Servicing Settlement The following Excerpts are from a recent Press Release by NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman regarding mortgage servicing settlement: A.G. SCHNEIDERMAN SECURES $136 MILLION FOR STRUGGLING NEW YORK HOMEOWNERS IN MORTGAGE SERVICING SETTLEMENT After Schneiderman’s Persistence, Narrow Settlement Preserves Sweeping Legal Claims For Housing Crisis Misconduct That Has Not Yet Been Investigated […]

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NEWS: Change in Foreclosure Process?

The following is from a recent New York Times article: The nation’s top mortgage servicers are expected to sign legal agreements by the end of this week compelling them to change their foreclosure procedures, regulatory officials said Tuesday. The servicers, which violated state and local laws and regulations governing foreclosures, are agreeing to improve their […]

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