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Visas for Spouses

Visas for Spouses American citizens have two means of bringing their foreign husbands or wives to the United States to live.  You may “sponsor” your spouse’s immigrant visa for entry to the United States. If you follow this process, your foreign spouse will complete the visa process completely outside the U.S., and then arrive in […]

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Same Sex Marriage in New York

Same Sex Marriage in New York As I am sure you have all heard that New York has become the most recent state to allow same sex marriage (which was long overdue).  There may be some “old” concerns for “new” couples hoping to take advantage of the new law.  Issues of pre nuptial and post […]

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News: New Temporary Maintenance Guidelines

New Temporary Maintenance Guidelines Along with the no-fault divorce bill, Governor Paterson also signed bill A.10984/S.8390, which revises the process for setting awards of temporary maintenance while a divorce is pending. The following is excerpt from the bill: “The duration of the temporary award under this measure would be determined by considering the length of […]

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