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Self-Help Eviction

On September 7, 2012, in Landlord-Tenant, by Jason Mays, Esq.

Self-Help Eviction

What is “Self-Help” Eviction?

“Self-help” evictions occur when landlords lock tenants out of their apartments because they haven’t paid rent.  Landlords may also attempt to force tenants out by moving tenants’ property, shutting off utilities, harassing tenants, or otherwise allowing rental property to become uninhabitable in retaliation for unpaid rent.

Self-help eviction is illegal in New York.  The only legal way landlords can evict tenants is by going to court.  Any other strategy may open the landlord up to liability.

Only evictions ordered by Judges are legal.  Evictions are major events, and could render entire families homeless.  While the legal eviction process might seem lengthy from the perspective of a landlord whose tenant isn’t paying rent, allowing landlords to evict tenants without court approval would leave too much room for abuse.

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