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Foreclosure Settlement Conference

Foreclosure Settlement Conference Purpose of the Foreclosure Settlement Conference According to New York law (RPAPL 3408), the purpose of the foreclosure settlement conference includes, but is not limited to, “…determining whether the parties can reach a mutually agreeable resolution to help the defendant avoid losing his or her home, and evaluating the potential for a […]

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Foreclosure Settlement Conference Eligibility

Am I Eligible For A Foreclosure Settlement Conference? Generally, you are eligible for a Mandatory Foreclosure Settlement Conference if: The foreclosure action was commenced against you after February 13, 2010, OR Your case was commenced between September 1, 2008 and February 13, 2010, and involves a subprime, high-cost or nontraditional loan, and The property is […]

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Foreclosure Summons and Complaint

I was just served with a foreclosure summons and complaint, what should I do? You should respond! The summons tells you that a foreclosure action has been filed and that you have twenty (20) or thirty (30) days to respond.  The complaint tells you why the foreclosure action was brought. There are several different ways […]

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