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Debt Collectors Charge A Borrower $2.95 in Interest, Lose Fair Debt Collection Case

Debt Collectors Pay Price A debt collector recently charged a borrower $2.95 in interest on a judgement, even though no post-judgement interest had been awarded.  A district court decided that this violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, meaning that the debt collector had to pay the borrower $1,000.00, plus legal fees.  This might seem […]

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Debt Collectors Lie to the Courts, a New York Federal Court Finds

Debt Collector Lied to Courts A New York Federal Court found that a certain debt collector has been lying to courts on a grand scale.  The procedure is a little complicated, but an explanation will highlight some of the issues debt collection defendants frequently face.  In this particular case, the debt collector essentially manipulated Courts […]

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