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Construction workers in all parts of the world risk their lives at job sites. They normally deal with a lot of life-threatening challenges to earn money for their families. Not surprisingly, many of them suffer serious injuries, or worse, due to construction accidents.

An incident like this occurred in Manhattan when a worker lost his life in a construction accident.

What happened?

This construction accident happened on Saturday. The location of the accident was near Grand Central Terminal.

  • The deceased was working a job at 553 Madison Avenue.
  • He fell to his death from a height of roughly 30 feet.
  • The victim was immediately rushed to Bellevue Hospital.
  • Doctors were unable to save the victim.

What about the identity of the deceased?

The police have still not revealed the identity of the deceased. However, one thing the police have confirmed is his age. According to police reports, he was 49 years old.

Keep coming back to our website to receive more updates about this case. Labor Law §240 is in place to allow recourse to those injured due to falls from elevation or injured by objects falling from height.  These gravity related accidents are particularly dangerous and hazards that the New York legislature thought to protect workers from.  If you or a loved one are injured in an elevation related accident like the one described above, call the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC at 516-858-2620.  We are here to help.

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Construction accidents are quite common in New York. Many construction workers lose their lives or get seriously injured in accidents on construction sites. It is mainly because construction workers put their lives at stake working in life-threatening situations. Those who escape the inevitable, suffer injuries capable of turning their lives completely upside-down. Experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx deal with many such cases every year.

These accidents impact not only the victims, but their families also. Therefore, if you or someone else in your family has suffered severe injuries in such an accident, an experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx is the most valuable help you can get to safeguard your family’s future financial interest.

But How?

Well, this is the most important question you must seek an answer to. Using their wealth of experience, they can do a number of vital things to help you:

They deal with different types of accidents that happen at construction sites and know the nuances of each:

For example:

  • Falls from scaffolding or high heights.
  • Accidents that happen due to overexertion.
  • Accidents because of trench collapses and electrocution.
  • Accidents caused by heavy debris and other materials falling from heights.
  • Accidents caused by a vehicle, heavy machinery in use, fires and explosions, etc.
  • Slip and fall accidents at construction sites.
  • Accidents, in which you get trapped/caught between two objects, materials or machines in use at construction sites.
  • Electrocutions.

Each of these types of cases is slightly different and the litigation approach needs to reflect that.

Preparing your Case Correctly:

Your attorney can help you do a number of things for this purpose:

  • They or their team can visit the location of the accident to investigate the details of your accident.
  • Collecting evidence, obtaining statements from eye-witnesses to the accident.
  • Ensuring that a notice of claim is filed when necessary.
  • Acquiring evidence from ancillary sources when possible.

What else?

  • They can work in conjunction with your Worker’s Compensation attorney.
  • They will stay updated on your medical treatment to ensure that all injuries are included in their case valuation.   
  • This is just a small portion of what an experienced construction accident attorney can do to safeguard the future financial interests of your family.

In case you or someone else in your family, has suffered injuries in a construction accident, then visit the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a group of experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County and Nassau County.

Call us!

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Brooklyn Construction Accident

Construction site accidents can injure or kill, and significantly impact victims’ lives. The list of construction site accident victims in the United States increases year-by-year. One of those on this list is Leslie Smith, a Brooklyn construction worker, who has suffered through this horrible experience.

Construction Accident in Detail:

Leslie Smith, the 61-year-old plaintiff, was mixing cement on a construction site in January 2010. He was mixing cement for a three-story building. This building is located at 17 Lefferts Place.

According to reports, his two co-workers were positioned on a scaffold. He was waiting for them to signal him to send up more buckets of cement using a rope and pulley system installed there. Suddenly, a plank came crashing down from almost 30 foot above and crushed his right hand beneath an iron bar.

What about the Jury trial?

The Jury trial lasted for over four days in front of Judge Lorna McAlister in Kings County where Leslie Smith was awarded $3.4 million for his suffering. He received $1.4 million for his past suffering. And, for his pain and future suffering, he was awarded $2 million.

Who Testified in Favor of Leslie Smith?

Dr. Barry Katzman’s testimony was compelling. He testified that the plaintiff’s ring finger became gangrenous. Therefore, Smith had to have it amputated. Furthermore, Smith suffered personal injuries in the form of a tendon tear in his shoulder and knee complications.

Who was building’s owner?

TNTR Management, LLC owned the building. MRM Development Company, LLC was the general contractor. Mr. Roy D. was the subcontractor. The court held all three defendants jointly and severely responsible for this mishap under labor law section 240.

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Construction accident New York
Source : ABCnews

A construction worker’s life is often at risk on the job site. Simply put, the nature of their job involves a lot of risk. At times, these risks can turn into a horrible reality, flipping their lives upside-down. Sadly, a construction-site accident in New York resulted in this reality for two workers.

What, or who, caused the accident?

According to sources, Timothy Braico, a senior branch manager for Western Specialty Contractors based in St. Louis, and Terrance Edwards, a site superintendent for the firm, ignored crane regulations and applicable industrial codes established by the city’s Buildings Department and New York’s legislature. This resulted in a significant construction site accident in New York.The following are details of the incident:

  • According to a report, Braico ordered a Jekko mini-crane for the project. However, there were no workers available at the job site with proper training to operate this crane.
  • No safety plan was submitted to the city for the use of the mini-crane, as dictated by regulations. 
  • Edwards directed an ironworker to operate the mini-crane to hoist glass panels up from a lower floor. Edwards didn’t know, or didn’t check, the load capacity of the crane. He didn’t even ask the ironworker to tether it, as per the city’s rules.

As a result, the crane lurched forward, then capsized, before crashing down four stories. As the crane fell, the boom struck both Christopher Jackson and George Delgado. Both workers had been assigned the task of assisting from the floor below.  

What happened to the injured ironworkers?

According to reports, both ironworkers suffered serious injuries because of this construction site accident in New York. Jackson suffered a traumatic head injury, affecting his ability to speak and walk properly. As for Delgado, a severe spinal injury has impaired his walking and movement abilities.

What is the fallout? Both Braico and Edwards face criminal charges for their roles in the reckless endangerment that caused this severe construction site accident in New York. The also face assault charges for the impact this incident has had on the lives of the two construction workers, as well as their families.

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