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Short Sale a Must?

Short Sale I already modified my mortgage, but because of new circumstances I am late again. Must I Short Sale my home now? Not necessarily. You may be able to get another loan modification based on your “new circumstances.” The HAMP guidelines were recently changed to address this situation. Homeowners who have defaulted on a […]

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Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification Increase

Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modifications Recently we have experienced an increase in the number of our clients receiving loan modifications.  These modifications are both HAMP and In-House, temporary and permanent.  The cause is unknown but for our clients, it doesn’t matter why.  They are just grateful that it is happening.  As the foreclosure world is […]

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Settle 2nd Mortgage for 10% of amount owed?

Settle  Your Second Mortgage Settle your second mortgage for 10% of the loan amount owed? Let’s say you owe 90k on your second mortgage and the bank is willing to accept 9k in full satisfaction. Not bad, right? Well, we have heard of such an offer! Generally, we would want to consider any issues or […]

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Stop paying my second mortgage?

Can you stop paying your second mortgage? Sure. Should you stop paying your second mortgage? Maybe not. The prevailing theory is that if your home is worth less than what you owe on your 1st mortgage it is highly unlikely that the holder of your 2nd mortgage will bring a foreclosure action against you. Well, […]

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Government Sites Can Help With Legal Problems

When presented with the prospect of losing your home or filing for Bankruptcy, most people feel overwhelmed.  Anxiety takes over and panic sets in.  The key to navigating through these tough times is to keep your head about you and remain calm.  Do your research and learn what options you have available to you.  Get […]

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