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Running a Not-For-Profit – What is a Conflict of Interest?

Not for Profit Conflict of Interest Consider the following scenarios: A board member of a not-for-profit private school also owns a construction company.  The school uses the board member’s construction company to build a new school building. A board member of a not-for-profit athletics organization also owns a sporting goods store.  The athletic organization agrees […]

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Same Sex Marriage in New York

Same Sex Marriage in New York As I am sure you have all heard that New York has become the most recent state to allow same sex marriage (which was long overdue).  There may be some “old” concerns for “new” couples hoping to take advantage of the new law.  Issues of pre nuptial and post […]

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Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements?

Recently we have gotten several phone calls to our office regarding Prenuptial Agreements.  There seems to be a growing desire for such agreements due to the rising divorce rates in our country.  Surprisingly, we have also received some questions regarding Postnuptial Agreements.  It has come to our attention that there seems to be some confusion […]

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