Suffolk County Police Officer Saves a Couple’s Marriage Day

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A couple and their kids narrowly escaped serious injury or death in a motor vehicle accident that occurred on their way to their wedding venue for their ceremony. .

Details of Accident:

This motor vehicle accident happened last Saturday. Actually, Joseph DeMichele and Feliece Terwilliger (the couple) were heading towards the Lake Grove town hall in Long Island to get married. Suddenly, someone made a U-Turn and slammed his vehicle into their car in Shirley.

The impact of this motor vehicle accident was so powerful that the couple’s car tire went flat. According to information, Suffolk County police officer Cody Matthews responded to the emergency and arrived at the scene. Officer Matthews not only rescued the couple in trouble, but also offered to drive them to their wedding ceremony.

What Else:

The couple appreciated officer Cody Matthews for his considerate gesture, wholeheartedly. The couple invited him to stay and also sign their marriage certificate as a witness. All in all, a Suffolk County police officer showed humanity and saved a couple’s marriage day after they had a motor vehicle accident on their way to be married.

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