Q & A: How Can I Use My Ch. 7 Bankruptcy to Avoid Foreclosure?

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Bank won’t modify my mortgage, how can I use the chapter 7 bankruptcy I just filed to avoid foreclosure?

The following are “some” of the things you can do to avoid foreclosure if you just filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy:

“Maybe” filing a “chapter 20” bankruptcy, which is a chapter 7 followed by a chapter 13, will help you.

  • make sure the ch. 7 discharge is granted;
  • some time after discharge is granted in the 7, but before the sale date of course, file a ch. 13 to force the lender to accept the current payment + the arrears spread over 36 or 60 months.
  • Note: There likely won’t be a discharge at the end of the Chapter 13. This really shouldn’t matter because you just received a chapter 7 discharge.
  • Note: You should consider “stripping off” any judgment and/or wholly unsecured liens.
  • Note: If this is investment property you can try to cram it down in a ch.13.  However, the cramdown value has to be paid off by completion of the ch. 13 plan.

If none of the above will work, you could:

  • After discharge, continue trying to obtain a loan modification from your lender (the foreclosure action will likely continue unopposed).
  • Contest the foreclosure action in state court after the stay is lifted or terminates.

This is not legal advice!

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