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Auto Accident New York
Auto Accident

Injuries and deaths due to motor vehicle accidents are a very common thing in New York. It seems that news of injuries or deaths in auto accidents is seen on a daily basis. One such heart-wrenching news story has occurred in Long Island.

News In detail:

The motor vehicle accident happened at about 1:40 p.m. in the afternoon. It happened on Merrick Road at Washington Avenue in Seaford.

The car involved in this accident was being driven by a 32-year-old woman. She stayed at the scene of the accident. A 12-year-old boy suffered injuries as a result of this motor vehicle accident.

Impact of this accident:

The impact of this accident was so powerful that Members of New York Physical Therapy and Wellness heard the crash easily from their office located on Merrick Road. All of them ran out to help as soon as they heard the collision.

According to Ron Bredow, the boy was being helped and stabilized by a woman. The traffic around the boy was directed by Bredow until the police and EMS arrived at the scene.

According to the witnesses…

Witness reports say the boy was lying in the middle of the street. The distance may have been up to 30 feet from the car.

He was conscious after the accident. He appeared to have suffered arm and head injuries in this accident. The indications were that he was trying to beat the light in an attempt to meet his friends, at the time of the accident. The light had just turned green.

Based on the condition of the vehicle, it appears the boy must have flown through the air before landing on the car’s hood and hitting the windshield. The windshield of the car was cracked. 

What about the treatment?

The nature of the boy’s injuries from this motor vehicle accident were serious but non-life threatening. Nassau County Police Aviation Helicopter 4 airlifted the boy to a nearby area hospital for treatment.

The police are investigating this motor vehicle accident. However, no criminal activity has been reported in this accident thus far. Keep coming back to our website, as we’ll keep you posted with updates relevant to this incident.

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Fatal Motor Accident New York

New Yorkers witness many motor vehicles accidents every year. Some of these accidents change the course of their life. Some of these accidents result in lifetime scars, when a family member meets an untimely, tragic death. Another fatal motor vehicle accident has jolted New York to the core.

The details of the accident:

The accident involved a commercial bus from Toa’s Travel. The driver of the bus has been identified as 40-year-old Yui Man Chow, a Staten Island resident.

This fatal motor vehicle accident happened at about 5:20 in the morning, while the bus was traveling through Prince George County, VA. The bus was traveling on I-95 when it overturned at the ramp for Exit 45.

According to reports, the bus ran off the side of the ramp before it overturned. This accident has resulted in the death of two passengers. Therefore, the police have charged Yui Man Chow with involuntary manslaughter. According to police, speeding could be the leading cause of this fatal accident.

Information about the bus:

This bus had departed from Orlando, Fla. The destination was New York City. At least 57 passengers, driven by Yui Man Chow, were on this bus at the time of the accident.

Information about casualties and injuries:

This motor vehicle accident resulted in two deaths. One of the casualties was a male passenger who died at the scene, while the other casualty is a female passenger who succumbed to her injuries later at a nearby hospital during treatment.

Many other passengers suffered injuries in this accident. This list of injured passengers contains toddlers as well. Some passengers suffered minor injuries, while others suffered more serious injuries. All injured passengers were rushed to a nearby local hospital.

Yui Man Chow, the driver, suffered no injuries in the accident. The police have arrested him on two charges of involuntary manslaughter. The police are holding Chow at the Riverside Regional Jail, until he makes bail.

Since it is a developing story, come back to our website to receive future updates related to this motor vehicle accident.

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Lots of people suffer injuries in slip and fall accidents. Most of these accidents take place on sidewalks, in streets, inside residential buildings or inside commercial buildings. Many are injured in these accidents due to their own fault. However, some people suffer injuries because of unexpected circumstances or negligence of the property owner.  Knowing the statute of limitations for this type of case is something experienced slip and fall accident attorneys in the Bronx will help you with.

Understanding the statute of limitations:

What exactly is a statute of limitations? It is simply the period of time within which you can file a lawsuit against a potentially liable party in your slip and fall accident. A couple of important things to know is if your accident occurred in a private building or property that is not a municipally owned property, the statute of limitations in New York is a time frame of three years.

Meaning, you have three years to file a lawsuit against the party you believe is responsible for your accident. This time period begins from the date of the accident.

When filing a lawsuit against a municipal defendant/government authority, you have only ninety days to file a Notice of Claim.  Then the statute of limitations period is typically one year and ninety days.  This can vary in certain situations so you should discuss this with your attorney. 

In case you or someone you know is planning to file a lawsuit against a private or municipal government authority whom you believe is responsible for your slip and fall accident, the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a group of experienced slip and fall accident attorneys in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Long Island, and Staten Island is the place to start. 

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Construction accidents are quite common in New York. Many construction workers lose their lives or get seriously injured in accidents on construction sites. It is mainly because construction workers put their lives at stake working in life-threatening situations. Those who escape the inevitable, suffer injuries capable of turning their lives completely upside-down. Experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx deal with many such cases every year.

These accidents impact not only the victims, but their families also. Therefore, if you or someone else in your family has suffered severe injuries in such an accident, an experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx is the most valuable help you can get to safeguard your family’s future financial interest.

But How?

Well, this is the most important question you must seek an answer to. Using their wealth of experience, they can do a number of vital things to help you:

They deal with different types of accidents that happen at construction sites and know the nuances of each:

For example:

  • Falls from scaffolding or high heights.
  • Accidents that happen due to overexertion.
  • Accidents because of trench collapses and electrocution.
  • Accidents caused by heavy debris and other materials falling from heights.
  • Accidents caused by a vehicle, heavy machinery in use, fires and explosions, etc.
  • Slip and fall accidents at construction sites.
  • Accidents, in which you get trapped/caught between two objects, materials or machines in use at construction sites.
  • Electrocutions.

Each of these types of cases is slightly different and the litigation approach needs to reflect that.

Preparing your Case Correctly:

Your attorney can help you do a number of things for this purpose:

  • They or their team can visit the location of the accident to investigate the details of your accident.
  • Collecting evidence, obtaining statements from eye-witnesses to the accident.
  • Ensuring that a notice of claim is filed when necessary.
  • Acquiring evidence from ancillary sources when possible.

What else?

  • They can work in conjunction with your Worker’s Compensation attorney.
  • They will stay updated on your medical treatment to ensure that all injuries are included in their case valuation.   
  • This is just a small portion of what an experienced construction accident attorney can do to safeguard the future financial interests of your family.

In case you or someone else in your family, has suffered injuries in a construction accident, then visit the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a group of experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Suffolk County and Nassau County.

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