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Personal injury accidents are a source of pain and suffering in your life. These accidents have the capacity to turn your life upside down in many ways. The biggest losses you face are the loss of income and/or earning capacity. This loss affects the quality of your life in many ways. But this loss can be compensated with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in the Bronx.

This is possible when you understand the difference between the loss of income and the loss of earning capacity. An experienced personal injury attorney in the Bronx will always encourage to you know the difference between these two things.

Let’s look at the difference:

This knowledge will help you take your personal injury case in the right direction during the trial phase.

The loss of income:

The nature and severity of your injuries can force you out of work for an unknown amount of time. A personal injury attorney in the Bronx can help you determine your loss of income with their experience. They take a couple of key things into consideration for this purpose. For example:

  • Your daily output at your workplace before and after your personal injury accident.
  • The amount of income you earned before your accident.
  • The amount of income you are making after your accident.
  • The number of hours you could work before and after the accident.
  • The services you could provide before and after the accident

The loss of earning capacity:

This is a bigger financial setback for you as compared to the loss of income. It is because the loss of earning capacity refers to your reduced ability to earn money in the future.

An experienced personal injury attorney in the Bronx can help you recover this financial damage as well. They will take a couple of key things into account for this purpose. For example:

  • Your medical documents to explain the way your injuries affect your ability to work and earn in the future.
  • Your current income is also taken into account.
  • The number of years you could continue working.
  • Potential increments, bonuses or promotions you could earn in the future.
  • Your living expenses are also taken into account.
  • The job tasks you cannot perform as a result of the accident.

The loss of income is a loss for a period of time. However, the loss of earning capacity is permanent. It affects you for the rest of your life. But, both of these types of loss are recoverable with the help of a competent personal injury attorney in the Bronx. They will know which expert witnesses to involve in order to maximize your recovery.

If you are looking for someone experienced enough to help you recover your loss of income or the loss of earning capacity, choose the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC. We help personal injury accident victims from Suffolk County, Nassau County, the Bronx, Long Island, Staten Island, in New York and its five boroughs.

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Commercial Tax Grievance

On December 20, 2019, in Corporate, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.

Are you tired of paying higher commercial taxes than your property requires?  Are you tired of waiting years for a reduction only to have your attorney take a large share as their fee?  Are you just simply tired of commercial taxes and the complex process for grieving them?

So are we!  We’re here to help!  At the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope our staff has the experience to help navigate the commercial tax grievance process while charging a reasonable flat fee.  No longer will a large percentage of your reduction go to your attorney.  Our staff has years of commercial assessment experience, including a former Counsel to the Nassau County Department of Assessment. 

Stop paying more than your fair share in taxes and legal fees!!  Let us help you today!  The filing period for the 2021/2022 tax year starts on January 2, 2020.  Call us today so we can prepare your case and file your commercial tax grievance without delay.  

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Construction workers have to put their lives on the line every day to earn money for their families. The risk factors involved in their jobs are very high and unpredictable. Accidents strike like a bolt from the blue and bring many problems to their lives that affect them and their families in a variety of ways. An experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx can help.

Yes! You are reading absolutely right!

If you are a construction worker then you should read the following.  Construction accidents cause injuries capable of turning the course of your life completely upside-down. An attorney can protect your financial and professional interests with their knowledge and experience of Labor Law. Some key benefits of hiring an experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx are:

  • You get legal assistance in fighting for compensation for medical bills and rehabilitation costs related to your injuries.
  • They can help you distinguish workers’ compensation claims from third-party personal injury actions.
  • They can help organize and conduct a proper investigation to gather all of the necessary evidence required to protect your interests.

Legal assistance in these cases is always important for you and your family’s needs. It is because your financial, as well as professional interests, are safeguarded in consideration of the legal complications that can negatively impact your possible recovery.

The list of benefits from hiring construction accident attorneys in the Bronx is not limited to the benefits mentioned above.

If you are a construction accident victim looking for the right legal counsel, you should consider these things. You should focus your search for someone who is experienced enough to advise you in the right way.

The Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a group of experienced construction accident attorneys, can give you the right advice to help move your case in the right direction. You can come to us with your case or call us anytime.

Let’s talk and see what we can do for you!

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Important Details to Include in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement

On December 9, 2019, in Corporate, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.

Our previous post detailed the importance of the contract in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement. Wise attorneys advise business owners to create a contract outlining all the details of the agreement. The purpose of creating a contract is to make sure both the buyer and seller protect their respective rights.

But today’s post is to educate you about the importance of including certain details in a contract. These essential pieces of a contract play a crucial role in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement.

Types of Assets?

This is something anyone planning to buy or sell a business should know. Different types of assets are valuated differently and including these types are an essential part of any contract. It is the part of a contract that contains crystal clear descriptions and disbursements of all assets mentioned in the agreement.

Intangible assets:

The list of intangible assets described in a contract are good will, names of customers, various contact information for vendors, plus anything personal being transferred. All this information is included in a Standard Asset Purchase Agreement.  It is important to discuss the valuation of these assets and how to account for them with financial professionals including a CPA with business valuation experience

Tangible assets:

The list of tangible assets could include inventory, office furniture, telephone systems, computer systems and networks, tools, fixtures, printed materials, etc. A detailed description of these is mentioned and referred to separately on an exhibit or addendum attached to the Standard Asset Purchase Agreement.  It is also important to discuss these assets with financial professionals including a CPA with business valuation experience. 

In addition to this, you might also list details about the cost of these assets, as well as the terms related to the sale in the contract.

Our next post will be focused on educating you about the importance or role of Liabilities in a contract. This key information will help you make the right decisions about buying and selling a business correctly from a legal, as well as financial, point-of-view.

If you are buying a business or selling a business, the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC would be more than happy to offer counsel. Our team is always available in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County; throughout New York, and its five boroughs, to help you with your business.

Reach us anytime! Our doors are always open for you!

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