Careless and drunken driving often leads to serious motor vehicle accidents. One such example came to light in a mishap at a gasoline pump in Huntington Station. According to the Suffolk county police, the crash triggered a fire. This could have been a life-threatening crash.

Motor Vehicle accident


The Details of Accident:

Tuesday morning started with an accident in Huntington Station when a drunken motorist crashed his car into a gasoline pump. The incident happened early in the morning at 2:38 am and triggered a fire. According to information given by the police, Mr. Fernando A. Velasquez, 24 years, of Huntington Station was driving his 2014 BMW 328 sedan north on New York Avenue near West Hills Road.

His car suddenly left the road and went on to hit the pump at a Citgo station at 1811 New York Avenue. The car did not just stop there. It went on to hit two unoccupied vehicles parked in the lot of the gas station. The BMW sedan and one of the vehicles hit also caught fire.

The Huntington Manor Fire Department responded quickly and reached the spot and extinguished the fire.

The police arrested Fernando A. Velasquez after the crash and charged him with drunken driving and unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He is expected to be arraigned in Central Islip on Tuesday.


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Car Crash

Friday night turned fatal for three teens. Their deaths occurred because of a multi-car accident on the Meadowbrook State Parkway. At least 7 others suffered injuries from the incident.

The Details of the Accident:

According to police, the car involved in this fatal crash was a stolen 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. Cindy Sanchez, a 15 year old teen, was driving the stolen SUV in the southbound lanes of the parkway, south of Exit M9 on the Merrick Road. The accident happened at about 11:42 a.m. when she lost control of the SUV.

She overcompensated when the SUV turned, said the police. As a result, the vehicle flipped multiple times before landing in the marshland on the side of the parkway.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer involved in this accident was reported stolen on Thursday in Roosevelt. Excessive speed was the primary reason for this fatal car crash.

Names of Casualties:

The three teens who died in this accident are 16 year-old Herbert Leo Aviles Maravilla, 16 year-old Marlon Carbajal and 13 year-old David Sanchez.

Who Got Injured?

At least 7 people suffered injuries from this incident. Their names are listed below:

  • Cindy Sanchez, 15.
  • Diego Aviles Maravilla, 15.
  • Mayela Flores, 15.
  • Kevin Robels, 16.
  • Lisbeth Menjivar, 16.
  • Walter Ochova, 16.
  • Gael Sanchez, 18 months.

All the people in the SUV hail from Uniondale.

The police have yet to determine charges in this case.

The Uniondale school district’s website has also posted a statement in regard to this. The statement follows:

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A Car Crash in Dutchess County Results in 3 Deaths

On July 10, 2018, in Motor Vehicle Accident, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.

Car Crash

Monday night proved to be catastrophic for three road travelers. All three died in a fatal car accident in Stanford, NY. The vehicle involved in the accident caught fire after crashing into a house in Dutchess County.

Specific Details of the Accident:

The police received information about the accident at approximately 11:00 PM. The accident happened at the 5900 Block of State Route 82.

This accident occurred because the driver did not negotiate a curve on Route 82 at Bulls Head Road properly, then lost control of the car.

As a result, the car proceeded to crash into a tree in the home’s front yard, coming to rest against the porch. The impact of the crash was so powerful that the car, tree, and home were quickly engulfed in flames.

Causalities from the Accident:

The driver and front passenger were declared dead at the scene. The third victim was airlifted to Mid-Houston Regional Hospital where, he later succumbed to his injuries and died.

The only person who escaped injury was the homeowner, Sue Treacy. She was inside her house, resting in her bed when she suddenly saw the flaming vehicle against the porch. She called 911 at once.

Information About Causalities:

The Police have initiated an investigation into this accident. No Information about the three victims has been made public by local police thus far. Family members will be notified first.

The Police have asked eye-witnesses of this accident to reach out to the Poughkeepsie State Police at (845) 677 -7379 with any information they may have.

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