One Dead and Five Severely Injured in Vehicular Mayhem

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Vehicle Crash

The atrocity of motor vehicle accidents came to light in three different boroughs in New York. One man lost his life and at least five people were injured because of separate car crashes in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx this past Monday.

The First Accident:

This series of tragic car crashes began in Queens at 3:30 a.m. in the morning. The man who lost his life in this accident has been identified as Mr. Joseph Debrosse, 56 years old. He was driving his 2013 Hyundai on North Woodhaven Blvd. His car smashed into a light pole near Alderton St. in Rego Park, said the police.

His Hyundai stopped after a distance of one block at the intersection at Elliot Avenue. Joseph was quickly rushed to Elmhurst General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The Second Accident:

The second car crash happened in the Bronx at Morris Park Avenue near Bronxdale.  The vehicular mayhem severely injured four people, authorities said. All four victims were immediately rushed to Jacobi Medical Center. According to the FDNY, at least three people are battling life-threatening injuries.

Investigators inspected the mangled red SUV missing both the doors on the passenger side. This fatal car crash happened just before the early afternoon.

Third Accident:

The third accident happened on 81st Street, near 18th Avenue, in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn when an 89-year-old motorist swerved to avoid another car heading toward the same parking spot. His vehicle hit a 60-year-old pedestrian whose leg was trapped under the car. At least six people lifted the car to help the injured get out. He was in pain because his leg and fingers were broken in this accident.

According to the cops, he was immediately taken to the Lutheran Medical Center. He was in complete shock. He was screaming in pain from his broken bones.

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