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As we age, we may find ourselves requiring professional help with aging spouses and parents. When we place our loved ones in nursing homes, we expect that those healthcare professionals will provide the medical, nutritional, intellectual and social help that our family needs. As residents of a nursing home, our family members have the right to receive a minimum standard of care as a matter of federal and state law. Unfortunately, nursing homes often prioritize profits over residents. When nursing home negligence and/or abuse occurs, you need to consult with an attorney who has the experience and skills to prosecute their claims.

One of the most common injuries suffered by nursing home residents are bed sores. Bed sores occur from a variety of reasons including failure to turn patients who are bedridden, failure to provide the patient with proper nutritional needs, lack of hygiene and basic needs. Other times patients suffer from neglect when the nursing home professionals fail to monitor residents. Patients can suffer infections, dehydration, malnutrition, loss of limbs and death.

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