New York Mourns the Deadliest Motor Vehicle Accident

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New York has just witnessed one of the most deadliest motor vehicle accidents since 2009. At least 20 people lost their lives due to this critical accident.

More Details About This Accident:

This life-ending accident happened in the upstate New York area when a group of 17 friends piled into a white stretch limousine heading to an Upstate New York Brewery. They were supposed to be going there for a birthday celebration.

Who are among the deceased?

The list of causalities in this motor vehicle accident includes two newlywed couples, four sisters, two brothers, and the limousine’s driver.

How did it happen?

It happened when a 2001 Ford Excursion limousine sped downhill on Saturday. The giant size car approached the intersection of two highways, already considered dangerous and notorious for such mishaps by residents.

Their worst fear soon turned into a deadly reality when the driver lost control of the vehicle. It careened through the intersection, then continued on and hit an empty 2015 Toyota Highlander nearby, crashing into a shallow ravine beyond the road.

According to Jessica Kirby, 36, The Manager of Apple Barrel Country Store, she witnessed the car coming downhill. She estimated a speed of 60 miles per hour, which crushed two customers near the parking lot when it impacted and rammed the Toyota Highlander into them.

Federal Investigators arrived late on Sunday. They are carrying out the investigation, seeking clues to figure out the actual reason of this motor vehicle accident.

Even Robert. L. Sumwalt, the Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board has called it a horrible accident. NTSB has decided to investigate this accident at their own level.

This was a devastating accident, to say the least.

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