New York Bus Driver Arrested and Charged With Manslaughter After Fatal Motor Accident

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Fatal Motor Accident New York
Fatal Motor Accident New York

New Yorkers witness many motor vehicles accidents every year. Some of these accidents change the course of their life. Some of these accidents result in lifetime scars, when a family member meets an untimely, tragic death. Another fatal motor vehicle accident has jolted New York to the core.

The details of the accident:

The accident involved a commercial bus from Toa’s Travel. The driver of the bus has been identified as 40-year-old Yui Man Chow, a Staten Island resident.

This fatal motor vehicle accident happened at about 5:20 in the morning, while the bus was traveling through Prince George County, VA. The bus was traveling on I-95 when it overturned at the ramp for Exit 45.

According to reports, the bus ran off the side of the ramp before it overturned. This accident has resulted in the death of two passengers. Therefore, the police have charged Yui Man Chow with involuntary manslaughter. According to police, speeding could be the leading cause of this fatal accident.

Information about the bus:

This bus had departed from Orlando, Fla. The destination was New York City. At least 57 passengers, driven by Yui Man Chow, were on this bus at the time of the accident.

Information about casualties and injuries:

This motor vehicle accident resulted in two deaths. One of the casualties was a male passenger who died at the scene, while the other casualty is a female passenger who succumbed to her injuries later at a nearby hospital during treatment.

Many other passengers suffered injuries in this accident. This list of injured passengers contains toddlers as well. Some passengers suffered minor injuries, while others suffered more serious injuries. All injured passengers were rushed to a nearby local hospital.

Yui Man Chow, the driver, suffered no injuries in the accident. The police have arrested him on two charges of involuntary manslaughter. The police are holding Chow at the Riverside Regional Jail, until he makes bail.

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