Multi-Vehicle Accident Leaves Mini School Bus Overturned on Another Car

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Motor Vehicle Accident
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Motor vehicle accidents usually happen because of carelessness, reckless driving or just plain negligence. One such incident has occurred in Astoria, Queens, where a bus overturned onto a car, in a multi-vehicle accident.

Details of Accident:

A minibus overturned onto a car in a motor vehicle accident involving multiple vehicles. This accident happened at about 6 a.m. in the morning at 31st Street and Hoyt Avenue in Astoria, Queens.

What exactly happened?

Actually, a mini school bus and a stolen septic truck collided first, in Queens early Friday. The impact of the collision between them was so strong that the mini school bus overturned onto another car.

The reason for this motor vehicle accident:

The mini school bus and the stolen septic truck must have tried to cut off each other. This could be the possible reason of this motor vehicle accident, believe authorities.

The bus wasn’t carrying children at the time of the accident. Only the bus driver and a matron were onboard.

Nobody involved in this accident has suffered serious injuries.

As for the driver of the stolen septic truck, he has been taken into custody by the police.

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