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Motor vehicle drivers are supposed to share the road with motorcycle riders. They are supposed to follow the same rules as all other responsible drivers. But, motorcycle riders are often overlooked on our roadways by other drivers, pedestrians and even. Drivers do not observe them in time or do not thoroughly view the road prior to taking action. This causes the motorcycle rider to be involved in a crash. And since there is little to no protection for a motorcycle rider involved in an accident, the injuries suffered are more severe and can be life altering.

If you’re a biker and were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence on the road, you need our help. Our team is ready to help you or your family obtain the justice you deserve. Our team has the experience handing motorcycle accidents that can help you obtain the evidence you need to prosecute your case.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to damages as a result of injury including pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and property damage. Having an experienced attorney to guide you through the claim process and file your lawsuit is important to maximize your recovery. Please call our attorneys at the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope for your free consultation.