Motor Vehicle Accident On Cross Bronx Expressway Results in Two Deaths

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Motor Vehicle Accident
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A 22-year-old corrections officer has succumbed to injuries from a motor vehicle accident on Riker’s Island, and passed away.

This deadly multi-car incident happened early Monday morning on the Cross Bronx Expressway. The accident resulted in the death of two people, both of whom were identified.

Richard Lue, the corrections officer who had just begun his career on Riker’s, was one of the victims. The other person killed was identified as Jaquan Cesar, 28, from Upstate New York.

Richard Lue battled the serious injuries suffered in the accident for nearly a week before succumbing on Saturday.

At least three more cars were involved in the collision after the first two cars had their initial crash on the Cross Bronx Expressway. Jaquan Cesar lost his life while trying to help injured people in the collision.

Anything Else?

The roadway was blocked due to this deadly mishap. Police are investigating the cause of the motor vehicle accident. This is a developing story, so keep coming back to our website for updates in this story.

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