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The construction industry in New York is booming. But the rate of construction site accidents in New York is also rapidly increasing. Many of victims file lawsuits to get the compensation they deserve. However, according to experienced construction accident attorneys in the Bronx, they struggle to get it because of a lack of knowledge about labor law derails their claim.

What to do then?

The best thing you can do is hire an experienced construction accident attorney in the Bronx. It is because their wealth of experience will help you investigate and commence your action properly. Your chances of getting the compensation you believe you deserve, will multiply. 

However, you should still have some basic understanding of Labor Law. The three sections of Labor Law that every construction worker like you must know about are Section 240 and Section 241 and Section 200.

What is section 240?

Section 240, also known as the Scaffolding law, is designed to protect construction workers from falls and injuries they may suffer from any kind of falling objects or elevation related hazards.

What is Section 241?

Well, this is somewhat similar to section 240. This section actually outlines all specific rules and regulations to be followed in making a construction site safe for every worker. The main aim of this section is to prevent personal or workplace injuries construction workers can suffer due to slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, chemical hazards, air contamination, etc. In order to successfully prevail under Section 241, a plaintiff must successfully plead a violation of an applicable and specific industrial code.

What is Section 200?

Section 200 is a codification of common law negligence on construction sites.  To be successful, a plaintiff must show that the defendant controlled the method of the activity that caused the injury.

These are the very basic things that every construction worker must have knowledge about. But, basic knowledge in this regard does not make you competent enough to represent yourself in litigation. It is because Labor Law is a deep subject that requires education and experience. Therefore, hiring an experienced construction accident attorney is the best move you can make.

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