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A commercial litigation lawyer loaded with a wealth of experience can be a solid pillar your business can rely on for growth. It is because their valuable legal advice is an essential tool your business needs, to grow safely in the right direction.

Word-of-mouth, online research, the local chamber of commerce or a visit to local bar associations can be useful ways of finding a competent commercial litigation lawyer for your business. Is that enough? What do you think?

In simple words, there is a difference between finding and determining the right person you are looking for. You need to understand this fine-line difference to find a reliable commercial litigation attorney in NYC, if you want to grow your business and safeguard relevant interests.

Steps you should take:

The process of hiring someone who can take care of your business on the legal front requires effort. Your list of efforts should include, but not limited to, the following:

Establish Communication

Communication with your potential business litigation attorney in NYC is key. This communication is possible through a couple of meetings with them, as both of you get to know about each other. You should ask a couple of questions during these meetings. These questions must be related to experience about handling cases, the possibility of decisions in your favor and your responsibility as a client, plaintiff or defendant, etc. 

Look for a concern for your interests:

This is one of the key things you should look for in your potential business litigation attorney in NYC. Your business needs legal protection against many issues. Examples of possible situations you can experience:

  • Trademark/copyright infringement
  • Unfair means of competition from competitors
  • Litigation to internet disputes, etc. 

Therefore, it is important you look for someone who has the experience needed to take a practical, aggressive and measured approach. Someone who can devise a legal strategy accordingly to safeguard your business. The frequency of communication should also factor into this process.

Ask for fee structure:

Most of the time, commercial litigation lawyers charge clients on an hourly basis. For certain cases though, the following fee structure could suit you and your legal representative:

  • Contingency fee
  • Hybrid fee structure

The amount of the fee should be reasonable under all circumstances.

Regardless of everything, you should focus most on hiring someone who has the reputation for saving your time without being costly to you. We at the Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC are a group of experienced business litigation attorneys in NYC, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan, Long Island, and Staten Island, known for saving time and money in a cost-effective manner.

Got a business in trouble? Need help? Let’s connect and discuss your needs!

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