Jury Awards $100 Million Compensation To A MTA Accident Victim

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Construction sites are often sources of accidents. These accidents can result in the instant death of the victim. However, even if the victim somehow manages to survive the accident, the nature of the injuries suffered can turn their life upside-down. This means the victim is left with no choice but to file a lawsuit and hope for compensation.

An incident like this happened in New York. A man paralyzed in an MTA accident has been awarded over $100 million in compensation, by the court.

The whole incident in detail:

Robert Liciaga filed a lawsuit against the New York City Transit Authority after a railroad tie was dropped on him by construction site workers. The injuries suffered by in this construction accident paralyzed Liciaga from the waist down. Therefore, a Brooklyn jury has awarded Robert Liciaga $110,174,972.38 in compensation on Tuesday.

How did it happen?

The verdict was announced by the jury after a trial that continued for three weeks. According to testimony by Liciaga, he was riding his bike along Broadway in Bushwick below the elevated J and M Subway Line. One of the construction site workers waved, indicating it was okay to pass under the construction site.

What does Robert’s attorney have to say about it?

“Robert remembers biking straight ahead; he doesn’t remember anything after this. The next thing Robert remembers is waking up in the hospital,” says Mr. Scott Occhiogrosso, Robert Liciaga’s attorney.

Liciaga, who is now 26, was escorted back to the nursing facility while the jury announced the verdict in his favor on Tuesday afternoon. He now lives permanently in a nursing facility. Robert was a healthy, strong, 23-year-old when this tragic accident occurred. He enjoyed basketball and rode his bicycle regularly.

What went in Robert’s favor?

A number of factors went in his favor. The court blamed the NYC Transit Authority for carrying out subway maintenance without installing barricades for the public’s safety. In this way, NYC Transit authority failed to carry out safety measures required to inform the public to stay away from the construction area.  Moreover, the court also held a supervisor responsible for allegedly instructing two workers to drag a 10-foot railroad tie to the edge of a girder and drop it over the side. As a result, the tie fell on Robert Liciaga and fractured his spine, leaving his body paralyzed permanently. 

The Severity of the Injuries?

The impact of these injuries, suffered by Liciaga in this construction site accident, are permanent. He is now confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Liciaga may heal spiritually from the injuries, but not physically. However, it is hoped that the amount of compensation awarded will provide him some relief.

According to Mr. Scott Occhiogrosso, New York City Transit Authority tried their best to argue the verdict that Robert should not have entered the construction site.

What does the NYC Transit Authority have to say about the verdict?

According to Mr. Maxwell Young, the amount of compensation awarded by the jury is excessively high. The NYC Transit authority plans on appealing the verdict and requesting the court reduce the award.

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