Golden State’s Steph Curry Involved in Motor Vehicle Accident

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Stephen Curry Auto Accident

Motor vehicle accident are a common thing in the United States. Many people suffer serious injuries, or even die, in these accidents every year. Fortunately, Golden State Warrior, Steph Curry, avoided injury in a motor vehicle accident Friday morning.

More details of the accident:

Vehicular mayhem occurred in Oakland, California on Friday morning. Steph Curry was driving his Black Porsche on State Route 24, when a Lexus driver lost control of his car and struck Curry’s Porsche, said the CHP (California Highway Patrol).

What Else?

Curry decided to stop in the centre median to wait for officers to arrive. In the meantime, before officers could arrive at the scene, a Honda Civic driver lost control, veering into the median, then crashed into the wall and the Porsche’s rear, said Herman Baza, a California Highway Patrol Officer.

According to reports, everyone involved in this motor vehicle accident, involving multiple vehicles, was wearing safety belts. This helped Curry, and the drivers of the other two cars, escape injury.

Who is to blame for this accident?

According to the CHP report, the video of Steph Curry’s car crash is now available to the public. CHP didn’t detect any impairment and no one has been arrested for the accident.

The inclement weather has been deemed responsible for causing this multi-vehicle accident.

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