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I was just served with a foreclosure summons and complaint, what should I do?

You should respond!

The summons tells you that a foreclosure action has been filed and that you have twenty (20) or thirty (30) days to respond.  The complaint tells you why the foreclosure action was brought.

There are several different ways for you to respond to the foreclosure action (see our earlier post  “What Can I do if I’m facing Foreclosure”).  However, many of these responses won’t stop the foreclosure action or prohibit the bank from obtaining a default judgment against you.  Generally, a default judgment will be issued if you fail to file an answer or other legal response when it is due.  It is possible to defend a foreclosure action after a default judgment (see our earlier post “Defending Foreclosure after a Default Judgment”), but it is very risky, more difficult and will likely be more expensive.  Therefore, it is best to avoid having a default judgment entered against you.

You should consider consulting  a competent foreclosure defense attorney ASAP!

As always, The Long Island Foreclosure Defense Law Firm of VAUGHN & WEBER, PLLC is here to assist you.  We are conveniently located in the heart of Nassau County, Long Island, at 217 Willis Avenue in Mineola, NY 11501.  Contact us at (516) 858-2620 to arrange a consultation with a foreclosure defense lawyer.

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