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FOIL Request in death of Jo’Anna Bird

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW (FOIL) Newsday sought access to records via the New York Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The records requested were in response to potential police misconduct and the death of Jo’Anna Bird. Following the murder of Ms. Bird, the Nassau County Police Department’s (NCPD) Internal Affairs Unit investigated the circumstances leading up […]

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Wrongful Arrests and Sealed Records

Wrongful Arrests and Sealed Records When an individual is acquitted of criminal charges, the arrest and trial record for that charge is sealed.  The rationale for this rule is that people who are innocent of criminal charges shouldn’t have a criminal record.  After all, arrests, by themselves, mean nothing other than that a person was […]

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Deposition Preparation

Deposition Preparation Depositions are part of the discovery process, which takes place during the pretrial portion of a lawsuit. Discovery occurs after the case has been filed and officially begun with the court, but before the trial. The purpose of the discovery process is to expose all the facts the parties will be relying on […]

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