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Airplane travel is considered one of the safest forms of travel because of the federal regulations in place to protect travelers.  In an overwhelming majority of the circumstances, these regulations accomplish their purpose.  Unfortunately, in the rare instances that an accident occurs, the resulting injuries are catastrophic or fatal. The Law Firm of Vaughn, Weber & Prakope, PLLC can help you successfully prosecute your aviation accident case.

Common Types of Aviation Cases:

  • Pilot Error
  • Air Traffic Control Error
  • Airplane Malfunction or Airplane Defect
  • Airline Negligence or Airport Negligence

Pilot Error

Commercial pilots undergo vigorous and thorough training.  Their training will be the basis for following protocols that keep passengers and crew members safe while aboard the aircraft.  The most common pilot errors involve the misreading of the instrumentation or the inability to operate safely when the instrumentation malfunctions.  Sometimes, pilots make poor decisions in ignoring warnings for weather or other dangerous conditions.  At other times, pilots fail to perform basic safety checks and required instrument readings.  Communication issues between the pilot and staff or ground control are another type of error that has caused aircraft accidents.  Unfortunately, there have also been instances of pilot intoxication that have caused serious incidents to occur.

Air Traffic Control Error

One of the most stressful occupations in our workforce is that of the Air Traffic Controllers.  They are charged with directing traffic for gigantic aircrafts, filled with fuel and traveling at speeds in the several hundreds of miles per hour range.  Meticulous dedication is required by these individuals to ensure that arriving, departing, taxiing and waiting flights do not collide.  Air Traffic Controllers give precise directions to pilots in order to keep the passengers and crew aboard each flight safe.  Timing and clarity are crucial.  Any slight mistake or error can cause extreme loss of life for those on the airplanes and people on the ground below.  Mistakes by Air Traffic Controllers can lead to dangerous situations such as multiple aircrafts in the same air space or on the same runway.  Other mistakes occur by allowing planes to take off or land in dangerous weather conditions or environmental conditions.   Air Traffic Controllers must communication errors with pilots also lead to accidents.

Airplane Malfunction Cases or Airplane Defect Cases

In the course of the average commercial airliner’s travels, the plane will encounter a variety of forces that the plane’s structure, equipment, systems and components must be able to withstand.  Airplane manufacturers have a duty to build these vehicles with to comply with the strictest adherence to safety standards.  Again, the results of an airplane’s structure, equipment, systems or components failing can be catastrophic to those aboard the plane and those on the ground.

Airline Negligence

Airline operations rely on several employees for the airline functioning at a high level and in concert with each other.  These employees follow strict protocols to prepare planes for flight and maintain planes after flight.  These protocols include but are not limited to ground crews performing safety checks on the airplane and runway, flight crews not performing safety checks for in flight and cabin conditions and systems, flight crews failing to explain safety procedures to passengers, mechanics failing to clear flags in between flights, ground crews failing to refuel aircrafts.

As in all types of personal injury cases, aviation accident injuries can range from minor to significant.  Unfortunately, a large number of aviation accidents result in few or no survivors.  If there are survivors, victims are often left unable to work.  They are in extraordinary pain.  This leaves the victim and their families in a position where their entire lives are changed.

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