Scooter Rider Dies After Collision With Volvo SUV in the Bronx

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Saturday morning ended fatally for a motorised scooter rider in the Bronx. He was rushed to a nearby medical facility where doctors pronounced him dead.

Accident Details:

Alterass Vereen, 42, was slammed by a Volvo SUV. This accident occurred while Vereen was riding his scooter on Laconia Avenue, when he was struck by a Volvo SUV travelling east on 215th Street. The accident happened at about 11:00 P.M. Saturday.

The scooter driver was immediately taken to Jacobi Medical Center where doctors pronounced him dead. He was not immediately identified after the crash. Police question ‘who crossed the red light’? The scooter driver or the SUV Driver?

Nothing accurate in this regard has been determined by police.“I saw the motorcycle on the ground. From the look of it he hit his head on the windshield, his face was covered in blood,” said one eyewitness who requested anonymity.

According to Jennifer Brown, a nearby resident, she heard the collision of the vehicles. According to her, her oldest son heard it from upstairs and told her about the accident. The 62-year-old SUV driver remained at the scene. She may not be charged with a crime, say the authorities. Her identity hasn’t been revealed by police so far.

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