3 Diners Severely Injured as a Car Crashed Into a Popular Restaurant in Mamaroneck

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Motor vehicle accidents almost always result in injuries. These injuries, if severe, can change your life. If luck is not on your side, you might have life-long expenses and suffering!

One such dangerous car accident in Mamaroneck, New York has come to light. According to sources, at least 3 people received critical injuries because of the car accident.

Details of the Accident:

The accident happened on a Sunday night when a car crashed into a popular restaurant in Mamaroneck Village, New York.

A witness captured a video of the chaotic moments of the accident on his cellphone. It was dinner time in Mamaroneck. The witness saw a car spinning around before it recklessly crashed into Enzo’s popular restaurant located at 451 Mamaroneck Avenue.

The video shows the sense of urgency required to tend to the victims. The sounds of sirens were clearly audible. The footage clearly displays firefighters helping multiple victims, carrying them on stretchers. The impact of the crash was so powerful that the glass on the sidewalk side of the eatery was also shattered.

All three victims were rushed to the nearest hospital in critical condition.

Victims Say:

According to one lucky diner who narrowly escaped being a victim, he was enjoying dinner with his relatives inside the restaurant when the event occurred. The car was just a few feet away from where he was eating his food. It was a scary moment for me and I got out of the place as soon as possible, said the witness.

It was frightening. It was shocking to see my life at the verge of its end, said Ethan De La Rosa.

The driver of the car involved was reported to be completely shaken-up by the accident. He was interviewed by the police. The Westchester County Police Accident Investigation Unit had arrived at the scene of accident.

They are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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