21-Year-Old Bicyclist Dead in Car Crash Auto Accident

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21 cyclist Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto Accident

The safety of your life is in your own hands on New York roads. Another motor vehicle accident has added to the long list of young lives that have ended prematurely on New York’s roads.

Details About This Accident:

This deadly crash happened on Friday August 31, 2018 at about 7:30 in the evening. A 21-year-old Treadwell based cyclist named Aaron Tubbs was riding his bicycle on State Highway 10, roughly one mile to the east of the village of Walton. A vehicle being driven by Michelle Mason, 66, from Hamden, struck him fatally, say media reports.

According to the police, Aaron was rushed to Delaware Hospital in Walton where doctors pronounced him dead.

A passenger, who hasn’t been identified was also in Mason’s car at the time of the accident; both of them were unharmed by the crash. As for Tubbs, he wasn’t wearing any headgear (helmet) at the time of the crash, said the police.

The police are investigating this crash further. Deputies and Investigators were assisted by the following organizations in this process:

  • NYC DEP Police (New York City Department of Environmental Protection Police).
  • NYSPCRU (New York State Police Collision Reconstruction Unit)
  • WFEMS Departments (Walton Fire and EMS Departments)

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