Construction Site Accidents

Workers employed at a construction site are constantly in danger from accidents that occur at their workplaces. It is important for them to know the types of construction accidents that can affect them. Here, we highlight the most common types of construction site accidents so they can try to avoid them.

  1. Crane or Hoist Accident

Cranes and hoists are important tools for construction. They make many tasks easier but are also one of the major causes of construction site accidents. Operating errors or malfunctions can cause severe injuries to the victim.  Most of these types of injuries are remedied by lawsuits under Labor Law §240.

  • Slip and Fall

Wet floors or the presence of slippery materials or objects on the floor, lead to slip and fall accidents. Construction sites are often covered with slippery surfaces. Serious injuries can occur from these slip and falls.  Depending on the factual circumstances surrounding the particular incident, these claims can be remedied by lawsuits under Labor Law §241(6) or Labor Law §200.

  • Gas Leaks and Explosions

Gas leaks and explosions can be deadly. With a sudden leak and explosion, a large number of workers can be affected. The gases can cause serious injuries from inhalation, irritation, burning or death.  Depending on the factual circumstances surrounding these accidents, these types of cases can also be remedied by lawsuits under Labor Law §241(6) or Labor Law §200.

  • Electrocutions

Overhead electric wires, electrical equipment, railway construction and lighting are some of the most serious causes of construction site accidents. These are dangerous enough to cause grave injuries or permanent significant medical issues. You can always consult a construction accident attorney in Brooklyn to get compensation in such cases.  These types of accidents are most typically remedied by lawsuits under Labor Law §241(6).

  • Fall from Heights

Ladder, scaffolding and roofing accidents are common occurrences on construction sites. Falling from the top of buildings can cause head injuries and other devastating injuries.  These types of accident cases are remedied under Labor Law §240.

All these accidents endanger the lives of workers and lead to a number of fatalities. If you have been hurt or lost a loved one due to a construction accident, then it is important to get help from a construction accident lawyer in Brooklyn. Contact us as soon as possible at (516) 858-2620!

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