Motor Vehicle Accident Queens

Early Monday morning began on a tragic note in Queens.  A motorcyclist lost his life in an accident with a 2013 Bentley.

Accident’s Details:

This severe crash happened early Monday morning at approximately 12:15 A.M. The 36-year-old biker hit the median. He was speeding north on Cross Island Parkway on his 2006 Honda bike.

The impact with the median was so strong that the biker immediately flew from his bike and landed in the southbound lane of nearby Northern BLVD.

As his body lay in the roadway he was struck by a 2013 Bentley, being driven by a woman without a license. This resulted in the death of the biker at the scene.

The police have charged Jevaughn Hodge, 33, the Bentley driver, with operating a motor vehicle without a license. But according to police, she isn’t responsible for the accident.

The biker who passed away, hailed from Farmingdale, L.I.

The police did not reveal the personal details of the deceased immediately.

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