Motor vehicle accidents are often fatal. Many auto crashes happen each day throughout New York State. Unfortunately, another such tragedy has occurred. A fatal car crash has completely devastated a Brooklyn family.

Accident Details:

According to police, the accident happened on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway on Saturday night. 37-year old Myriam Lebrun was driving her car when she suddenly lost control and went on to collide with a tree, then burst into flames.

Five members of Lebrun’s family lost their lives in this accident.

According to police, all were returning home after attending a family gathering. Lebrun’s grandmother and three children were the passengers in the car at the time of the accident.

The List of Causalities:

 In addition to Myriam Lebrun, the police have identified the other four passengers as:

  • 68-year old Moise Yolande
  • 15-year old Marcus Jeanty
  • 9-year old Marcel Jeanty
  • 8-year old Kayla Jeanty

The police are investigating the accident’s cause.

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