Careless and drunken driving often leads to serious motor vehicle accidents. One such example came to light in a mishap at a gasoline pump in Huntington Station. According to the Suffolk county police, the crash triggered a fire. This could have been a life-threatening crash.

Suffolk county Police Caught drunk Driver


The Details of Accident:

Tuesday morning started with an accident in Huntington Station when a drunken motorist crashed his car into a gasoline pump. The incident happened early in the morning at 2:38 am and triggered a fire. According to information given by the police, Mr. Fernando A. Velasquez, 24 years, of Huntington Station was driving his 2014 BMW 328 sedan north on New York Avenue near West Hills Road.

His car suddenly left the road and went on to hit the pump at a Citgo station at 1811 New York Avenue. The car did not just stop there. It went on to hit two unoccupied vehicles parked in the lot of the gas station. The BMW sedan and one of the vehicles hit also caught fire.

The Huntington Manor Fire Department responded quickly and reached the spot and extinguished the fire.

The police arrested Fernando A. Velasquez after the crash and charged him with drunken driving and unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He is expected to be arraigned in Central Islip on Tuesday.

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