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Life is totally unexpected! You never know what is going to a happen in the next five seconds. You may get the best news of your life. You may also be a victim of some tragedy. Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere without warning. In case you pass by a construction site, for example, the odds of an unforeseen incident increases exponentially.

One such tragedy occurred with a construction site worker named Jorge Castaneda, 46, from Queens. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the wounds he received.

What exactly happened?

This fatal accident happened because a forklift loaded with scaffolding of pipes tipped over. According to witnesses, it happened about 3:00pm at a construction site on Stewart Street and Broadway in Bushwick.  The forklift tipped over the flatbed truck and Jorge was crushed between the truck and forklift. He was walking between the vehicle and the equipment, says a local police report.

Workers present at the site responded to the situation and pulled the forklift upright. They rescued Jorge and rushed him to Brookdale University Medical Center, where he succumbed to his injuries.

One witness named Jose Rosario described the whole scene as horrible. “He looked dead on the spot,” said Jose.

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