Authenticity of a Last Will and Testament

On August 16, 2012, in Estate planning, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.

Authenticity of Last Will and Testament

Thomas Kinkade’s estate is being contested

The importance of having a Last Will and Testament or more commonly referred to as a Will, cannot be overstated.  A simple Will is a document that has great importance to wealthy persons as well as those with not much to leave behind.  Generally, a Will is used as a concrete guide in distributing the  Testators Estate.  Circumstances can arise which complicate matters however.  One of these circumstances are when the Testator drafts more than one Will or Codicil.

Currently, the famous, late artist, Thomas Kinkade’s estate is being contested.  The dispute is between his wife (from whom he is separated from) and his girlfriend (whom he lived with at the time of his death).  The interesting twist in his case is that he had drafted several Wills and Codicils that the courts must now sort through to determine their authenticity.  The American Bar Journal’s Mark Hansen wrote an article summarizing the issues.  The link to the article is listed below.

ABA Journal – August 16, 2012

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