Eviction Time Frame

On September 8, 2011, in Landlord-Tenant, by Robbie L. Vaughn, Esq.

Eviction Time Frame

Common question:

“Can you give me an eviction time frame?”

We are often asked, by both landlords and tenants, how long it takes to complete an eviction. The best answer we can give is: “The sooner the eviction process is started, the sooner it will be over.”  The are numerous things that can speed up or delay the eviction process. Right now, the Sheriffs and Marshalls, who actually execute the “warrant of eviction,” are quite backlogged. This has been adding a considerable amount of time to the eviction process. So, no one can tell you exactly how long the eviction process will take. At the moment, it is even difficult to give someone a “ballpark” time-frame for an eviction from  start to finish.

However, there are things that your attorney can do and/or suggest to speed the process up a bit and avoid further delay.

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