Slip and fall accidents can change the entire course of your life. Such accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. According to the slip and fall accident attorneys in the Bronx, you may slip or fall because of a slippery floor, an obstruction in your path, etc. At times, you will be lucky to escape with a minor injury, or no injury at all.

But, you may not be this lucky every time. You could be badly injured. You may want to sue the person whom you believe is responsible for your slip and fall accident. That is why experienced slip and fall accident attorneys in Brooklyn advise you to learn about the way settlements for such cases are reached.

Understand The Factors Largely Determining Slip and Fall Accident Settlement Amounts:

Three main factors mentioned below are taken into consideration in this process:

  • Who is actually responsible for your accident?
  • Was there actual or constructive notice of the dangerous condition?
  • Was the dangerous condition the cause of the injury?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! These are the most important factors, along with the injury, taken into consideration up front to determine the settlement amount of slip and fall cases.

Otherwise, experienced slip and fall accident attorneys consider many more factors in the process to safeguard your financial interests.

In case you or someone you love was injured in slip and fall accident, call the Law Firm of Vaughn Weber & Prakope, PLLC, a group of experienced slip and fall accident attorneys in Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Manhattan, New York and Queens.


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Long Island Car Crash

A  fatal motor vehicle accident caused 3 deaths early morning this Sunday in suburban New York. Two victims hailed from Staten Island and they were father and son. Third victim was other car’s driver.

Accident’s Details:   

This car crash happened this Sunday at about 12:30 early morning. Alex Demetrius 27 from Nesconset was driving east in Amityville when his car went into the opposite lanes and crashed into a westbound car, said Suffolk County Police. Other victims are Joseph Cloonan 65 and his 34 years old son named John Coonan.

“I heard two loud bangs,” said neighbor Kirk Uson. “Once in a while both Cloonans fly up and down through the area real quick. It’s really upsetting, said Kirk.

It’s really upsetting, said Kirk Uson. Joseph worked three jobs and was married father to three, said Bryan Cloonan, Josephs’ nephew.


Motor vehicle accidents are often fatal. Many auto crashes happen each day throughout New York State. Unfortunately, another such tragedy has occurred. A fatal car crash has completely devastated a Brooklyn family.

Accident Details:

According to police, the accident happened on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway on Saturday night. 37-year old Myriam Lebrun was driving her car when she suddenly lost control and went on to collide with a tree, then burst into flames. Five members of Lebrun’s family lost their lives in this accident.

According to police, all were returning home after attending a family gathering. Lebrun’s grandmother and three children were the passengers in the car at the time of the accident.

The List of Causalities:

 In addition to Myriam Lebrun, the police have identified the other four passengers as:

  • 68-year old Moise Yolande
  • 15-year old Marcus Jeanty
  • 9-year old Marcel Jeanty
  • 8-year old Kayla Jeanty

The police are investigating the accident’s cause.

Careless and drunken driving often leads to serious motor vehicle accidents. One such example came to light in a mishap at a gasoline pump in Huntington Station. According to the Suffolk county police, the crash triggered a fire. This could have been a life-threatening crash.

Motor Vehicle accident


The Details of Accident:

Tuesday morning started with an accident in Huntington Station when a drunken motorist crashed his car into a gasoline pump. The incident happened early in the morning at 2:38 am and triggered a fire. According to information given by the police, Mr. Fernando A. Velasquez, 24 years, of Huntington Station was driving his 2014 BMW 328 sedan north on New York Avenue near West Hills Road.

His car suddenly left the road and went on to hit the pump at a Citgo station at 1811 New York Avenue. The car did not just stop there. It went on to hit two unoccupied vehicles parked in the lot of the gas station. The BMW sedan and one of the vehicles hit also caught fire.

The Huntington Manor Fire Department responded quickly and reached the spot and extinguished the fire.

The police arrested Fernando A. Velasquez after the crash and charged him with drunken driving and unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He is expected to be arraigned in Central Islip on Tuesday.


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