Debt Collectors Falling Short

On August 14, 2012, in Debt collection defense, by Robbie L. Vaughn, Esq.

Debt Collectors Falling Short

Debt Collectors Falling Short

Debt collectors are third parties that buy debts from lenders. More specifically, debt collectors buy the right to sue for a debt. The problem is, they don’t always have all the evidence they need to actually win the lawsuit.

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Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense

On July 7, 2011, in Debt collection defense, by Robbie L. Vaughn, Esq.

We have been successful in getting debt collectors to drop their lawsuits against our clients.

In a recent case of ours, the debt collector filed a 1 page complaint seeking thousands of dollars in alleged unpaid charges. We defended the debt collection lawsuit by filing a  21 page response. A few weeks later the debt collector voluntarily dismissed its lawsuit with prejudice.

Most of us have heard that banks are having trouble foreclosing on home loans because they can’t “produce the note.” Well, debt collectors are having similar issues. Basically, debt collectors can’t prove that they are the proper party entitled to enforce the alleged credit agreement.

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Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy?

On February 28, 2011, in Bankruptcy, by Robbie L. Vaughn, Esq.

“I should have done this sooner.”

Recently, we have had more and more individuals come into our office who have tried to alleviate their debts by hiring a debt consolidation, debt resolution, debt settlement, or some other “get rid of your debt quick” company. Many of them have paid thousands of dollars to these companies.  Most of them have only had one or two, if they’re lucky, debts actually settled.  After we explain how bankruptcy works and the client decides that filing bankruptcy is in their best interest, they almost all say “I should have done this sooner.”

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So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your bills and debt collectors are ringing your phone off the hook , it would be wise to obtain a free consultation from a bankruptcy attorney before you hand over what little money you do have to some company with a fancy commercial and/or website.

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