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Landlord Tenant Tips.

Evicting a tenant in NY can be a daunting task (see How to evict a bad tenant). Therefore, it is important to properly screen prospective tenants. Here are a few suggestions:

  • CREDIT CHECK: Reviewing credit reports can be very helpful. Look at the entire report, not just the credit score.
  • INITIAL COMPLAINTS: If the prospective tenant has numerous complaints about the apartment (i.e. size, layout, location), the apartment might not be right for them.
  • WHY MOVING?: Ask. Listen very closely to the reason(s) given for their move. Then ask yourself will this person be happy here?
  • HOUSING COURT: Check the housing court docket to see if the person has ever been evicted.
  • DON’T RUSH: You shouldn’t be in a rush or allow the prospective tenant to rush you into signing a lease.
  • REFERENCES: It doesn’t hurt to check references and/or call former landlords.
  • KNOW THE LAW: NY has statutes that govern the landlord-tenant relationship. There are also federal laws that must be complied with. Some tenants are well-versed in this area of law. You should know it as well or consult with an attorney that does.
  • BACKGROUND CHECK: This includes verifying identification and checking court records.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA/WEB PRESENCE: It can’t hurt to take a quick look at an individual’s Website, Blog, Facebook page, etc. Google can usually assist you in finding an individual online.

Lastly, have a good lease, one that will hold up in court, ready for when you do find the right tenant. Good Luck!

It can be just as difficult to get out of a lease. Therefore, a renter should properly screen their prospective landlord by:

  • CHECKING: Check out NYC’s worst Landlord list
  • TALKING: Talk to neighbors and existing tenants if possible.
  • FOLLOWING: No, not literally! But do follow several of the above steps suggested for Landlords.

The above is far from complete.  We are just trying to give you some insight. Hope it helps. Good luck!

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