List of Documents You Need to Understand For Corporate Formations

On May 25, 2020, in Corporate, by John A. Weber IV, ESQ.
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Corporate formation requires proper planning to ensure that your companies legal needs are protected and that you plan for the success of your corporation.  Failing to hire the right attorneys can be costly in the long term. Knowing the list of documents that you require for a corporate formation is the best way to keep the whole process smooth.

Allow us to present the list of documents required for incorporating a business!

  1. Business Name Reservation Form

A business name reservation form allows you to reserve a unique name for your business while completing the whole incorporation process. This form is required because no two businesses can have the same name.

  • Articles of Incorporation

You have to file these documents with the state for your corporation to exist. It typically includes the business name & address, purpose of the corporation, number & type of shares, corporation’s registered agent, etc.

  • Corporate Bylaws

Corporate bylaws lay out how the shareholders, officers, and directors will split control within the organization. These are the main organizational documents for a corporation.   If this in not done correctly, the company may run into serious trouble in the future.

  • Meeting Minutes

Corporations are required to maintain and store corporate records for government audits and other legal purposes. Meeting minutes document important decisions of the company.

  • Board Resolutions

These document board decisions and show how all the directors voted on different matters. These documents are also important for compliance reasons in case any of the board’s decisions come into question.

  • Stock Certificate

A stock certificate is a piece of paper that records the sale and purchase of shares in the corporation. These certificates specify the business name, shareholder’s name, date of sale, signature of the member who authorized the sale of stock and the company seal.

  • Shareholder Agreement

Shareholder agreements contain the rights and responsibilities that are not mentioned in the corporate bylaws.

  • Annual Report

All the registered business entities have to file an annual report by a certain date every year. It mentions basic information like the company address, names & addresses of the owners and information of the registered agent. Corporate formation attorneys can help you with managing all sorts of corporate formation formalities. Contact us and get the most appropriate legal assistance.

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